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Rådgiver og Foredragsholder. Norway


evo the best hairproduct a friend can get!

Lene Gravdal

evo hairproducts can only be sold in professional hairsaloons. How wil they act in the hands of an unprofessional?

"evo - saving ordinary humans from themselves "

Can they save my best friend in 20 minutes?

You are gorgeous, but what`s with the hair?

sorry my friend, this is not a hairsaloon, you must wash your own hair
bride of gluttony shampoo and conditioner for volume
hair washed and happy to be saved with hairproducts that are free from unnecessary ingredients
more volume with root canal and shape vixen before blowdrying

builders paradise working spray; it`s a can full of hair spray that allows you to build styles, change your mind and start all over again

not confident this will last?

hey wait!

still gorgeous!

timeline 20 min...
Foto: Lene Gravdal