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Rådgiver og Foredragsholder. Norway


Day 1 of fashion week

Lene Gravdal

From four days in Oslo during fashion week, ok it`s called Oslo Trend theese days. Anyway it`s a fashion week, for the fashion industry in Norway
Some of the photos are from the mobile, some from a good camera, it`s a mix.
Day 1.
Tuesday morning, time to travel to Oslo, buying clothes from the danish brand SAND for AW14

Waiting for the bus to take me to the airport. Selfie " from where I stand"  

          This coat is a winner I am sure, the light blue colour and the trending shape of it

 MY Favourite! The sharp shape and the details, You are mine!

I believe in the wide trousers! Add a tight turtleneck or more edgy, an oversized sweater.
Shoes?  What about a pair of Nike Airmax? Or some high- heeled platforms!

  When we buy stuff to sell in a shop half a year later, lot of decisions to make, and long days.
  We just need a lot of coffee and sugar, fashion week is not healthy week..

Just so You know it, we are bying the real fake!
We bought a lot of nice stuff from SAND Copenhagen, it`s an awsome collection!
Pt. 2 of day one ;)

 I ran to the hotel, checked in, threw all my stuff on the bed and bathroom, fixing my make up and changing clothes in notime, and  then off to have dinner with my good friend Siv Elise Seland, the designer behind iiS Woodling and little mountains. We had dinner with the desinger behind childrens brand  MOLE  Little Norway, Hanne Synnøve Koløy.¨
Greatful to have dinner with two great businesswomen of the fashion industry in Norway
After dinner, we had  two fashion shows on our list, the two new Norwegian brands Julian Reed and Black Rat.
We only made it to the last show
The fashion show, we dont know!
 It was so crowded, we did not see anything.
The bar, if we finally got there, we would have to drink the beers outside.
We went outside, took a selfie and walked home to the hotel happy to do so
On wednesday my job was to sell iiS Woolding with Siv Elise to her customers.
to be continued...