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Love the trend, hate the consequences


Love the trend, hate the consequences

Lene Gravdal

Hate Love

This trend

Love the style,  hate the consequensces

Love the trend wearing ankel high socks that shows, I use it myself, and have used in my work as a stylist.

Pictures captured from styling  for Kvadrat magazine spring 2018

The backside of this trend is that many of the socks most trendy are made out of plastic materiale, like polyester and polyamid. A lot of them also with glitter, that is really no good food for the fishes..

Point is, the small things like socks can make a huge impact, we wash them more often then other clothes, and it ends up as microplastic in the ocean. In the end, it ends up at our dinner table. 

I have been aware of this for some years now (and written about similar stuff on this blog before) and I have failed to live up to my own standards many times, like the last time I styled for a photoshoot, I was blended by how cool I thought the look was. And even worse, I have used the same socks...Humans... we are so..yes you know :)

Anyway, so happy when I found some socks that are both cool and more sustainable. I have written about the brand before Swedish stockings  

These socks are made out of recycled stockings, so this fabric is further from the original oil made fabric.

Also you can do the trend wearing good old cotton socks, some may even be made out of organic cotton, I also did that on that same shoot 

sokker 2.png

Anyway, as always with clothing check out what the item is made of .