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Rådgiver og Foredragsholder. Norway



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Lene Gravdal

Yesterday I found myself surrounded by flowers, and that made med happy! I was out walking and just had to stop and bring flowers home to decorate both in my garden and some indoors.


I also got visit from a friend, and she brought me these beautiful flowers from their garden.

A lot of the flowers I bought for my garden earlier this summer has rotten away because of much rain this summer, so it was nice to bring some flowers to the garden.


Sordid affair- remix

Lene Gravdal

Today it has been pouring down rain here ,luckily I saved my running to the evening by the beach.
The sun came true for some hours and it gave a lot of energy combined with running...grateful.
On my way home I almost drove of the road because I was surrounded by so much picture perfect moments.. and driving to the music with an favorite song, in a remix I had not heard before. It was great. Only wish I had an open air Jeep wrangler and the temperature was higher:) PS! All pictures with my iPhone 6 the only camera I had with me

Total cliche with sun at the beach pictures like this, I know. But the joy of the sight is always the same, and even more when it has been raining all day.

The sea has a way to make sharp edges less pointed and smoother

I did´t want to leave that view behind...but I was sweaty and hungry :)

With this on repeat I could have driven for a longer time...Music like this really feeds my creativity.
As I have written before this is one of my favorite duo, they are great.
This song reminds me of Pet shop boys, I think this remix makes that more revealing.
Anyway, hope you enjoy this piece of music art, and my pictures