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+47 900 15 592

Rådgiver og Foredragsholder. Norway



The Stylist with a green heart


All my life I have been asked to give people advises about clothing and style. Since 2012 I made my passion for helping people with clothing my workplace

My formal education is a Bachelor in marketing communication from BI Stavanger, Norway, and I have worked in the banking industry for several years.

As much as I love fashion, I love nature and people more.

Since 2015 when I became aware of the fact that the fashion industry is the second most pollution industry in the world,  not safeguard of human rights or nature, I have been a slow fashion -influencer. Inspiring people to make more conscious choices about their clothes. This is also the main reason I do public speaking, to make awareness and inspire on how to make a change in our daily life.


Slow fashion is the new black!

 Photo: Iselin Zahl Blitzner

Photo: Iselin Zahl Blitzner

  My all time favorite picture so far ! Styling    BYEN 4-15   Photo: Arne Bru Haug Model: Jonah Solheim and Inger Vaaland

My all time favorite picture so far ! Styling  BYEN 4-15 Photo: Arne Bru Haug Model: Jonah Solheim and Inger Vaaland