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Rådgiver og Foredragsholder. Norway



A green heart

Norwegian born, living on the west coast in Norway.

I have a Bachelor in marketing communication from BI Stavanger, Norway, prior to following my dreams I  worked in the banking industry with investment for several years.

I have worked in the fashion business as a stylist, B2B, procurement for shops, and retail. I use my experience to show how the business works today, and pulls forward concrete examples about new ways that are more compatible and beneficial for climate change.

Since 2015  I became aware of the fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world,  does not safeguard human rights or always taking responsibility for nature.  As a slow fashion -influencer I inspire people to make more conscious choices about their clothes. My inner drive for doing public speaking is to make people aware and inspire to make a change in our daily lives.

*Slow Fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. It encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste.

How may I help?

  • Advisor for business working with their sustainable strategy

  • Public speaker for knowledge seekers

  • Slow fashion - influencer for the sustainable brands who wants to brand themselves in a fashionable way

  • Green Stylist for magazine, designers and persons in need of work related representation

  • Host for TV, if you want someone down to earth, energetic, serious with a warm sense of humor

  • Podcast host - Stylist with a green heart (first episodes in Norwegian)

Slow fashion is the new black!

Link, talking to Aftenbladet and Byas about Slow fashion in 2016




I love fashion, but I also care for nature and people.

Lene G.

Slow Fashion - influencer

Sustainable wearing up cycled kaftan from Sissel Edelbo. Photo: Iselin Zahl Blitzner

This is me! I feel extremely well. I have learned three things, first ; to wear a suit in the right size for me, makes me feel more comfortable. Second; More moderate color and patterned ties. Third: and maybe most importantly, how important the choice of clothing are in a environmental perspective 
— Per A. Thorbjørnsen, Politician. For TV Aftenbladet series "the choice of clothing" 2015

 host and personal Stylist, TV aftenbladetWatch the full episodes here

STYLIST; letting my care for people shine true in a commercial photoshoot

I love this photo! Look at the smiles, most real and alive photo amongst all photoshoots I have been part of. 

Styling  BYEN 4-15 Photo: Arne Bru Haug Model: Jonah Solheim and Inger Vaaland

slow fashion influencer

Me styled by me! Dress from the sustainable brand, Blanche. Photo by my talented sister Iselin Zahl Blitzner

Public speaker

Talking about Smart Fashion during NORDIC EDGE EXPO 2017

"Smartfashion, When Tech meets Human", -How to enable smarter fashion consumption and profitable fashion business using technology in collaboration with human interaction?